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Your Property, My Priority

As I relocated between duty stations throughout my 21-year Naval career, I gathered a variety of rental properties. My dealings with multiple management companies taught me the level of service a client expects and deserves. From single-family homes to large real estate investment portfolios, I would give your rental the same amount of attention and rigor as I would my own. Contact me to have a proven professional take all the stress out of your rental and maximize your profits. My main goals are to:


Find top-quality tenants


Maximize your rental income and minimize vacancies


Keep your property in peak condition

No Hassle Management

I offer a full range of personalized property management services tailored to you as a landlord. Our office at Headley Realty professionally coordinates extensive background investigations, thorough credit screenings, rental applications, rent collections, lease signings and evictions. You can simply rest easy with your property in our care.

Full Time Maintenance

I will answer the phones, handling all maintenance requests, emergency repairs and inquiries 24/7 so you do not have to. I promise to provide prompt response to your tenants' requests, protecting your investment and positively influencing decisions on long term lease renewals.

Easy To Understand Reporting

I keep you informed with monthly automated owner reports, clearly itemizing your total cash flow. I will conduct periodic walkthroughs and inspections of your property, resolving issues before they become problems. Headley Realty makes it easy for you; review important documents with our online portal access.

Industry Leading Advertising

Our marketing tools will quickly fill your vacancies, minimizing losses due to time on the market. I will conduct a property evaluation to establish the ideal rent for maintaining your rental lease long term at the highest rent possible. I know how to best advertise any property type and understand the dynamic rental market.

Order your complimentary copy of the lucrative landlord’s playbook

Multi-Phased Approach to Leasing & Managing Your Rental Property

Anticipating the realities of being a landlord will better equip you for the job itself. By choosing to learn more about renting out your home, you have already taken a big step to educate yourself on the risks and rewards of property investment. Now it is your turn to put the knowledge to use and start your own real estate investment journey. Let me know today if you are ready to get started.

Decide if you want to be a landlord

A solid plan should reflect your future goals and be informed by market conditions and projected home prices

  • Do you already own a potential rental or are you looking to buy an investment property?
  • Will you be OK with somebody else living in your property?
  • Will your finances allow you to take a loss some months due to repairs, maintenance or vacancies?
  • Are you comfortable dealing with potentially difficult tenants?
  • Do you understand your tax obligations?
Prepare your rental for tenants

Let me give you advice on making your property ready for leasing

  • Once you have chosen to rent your property, you must take steps to prepare it for tenants. The condition of your rental will affect whether or not it is ready for occupancy.
  • In order to remain competitive, you will need to make your rental unit appealing to tenants by fixing any known problems, complying with your local zoning laws, and upgrading the property to make it more enticing, comfortable, or aesthetically pleasing.
  • Complete “leave on” agreements with all your utility companies.
  • Above all, the rental property must be safe for a tenant.
Find the right insurance plan

Insuring the home you reside in is different from insuring a property you lease

  • Evaluate whether a homeowner’s insurance policy or a landlord insurance policy is better aligned with your needs as they each offer different types of coverage.
  • Value your property at full replacement cost and not actual cash value.
  • Consider equipment breakdown coverage to help you handle surprise bills for failed AC, furnaces, fridges, and appliances.
  • Ensure you have ample liability.
Develop your property management game plan

Select the best to oversee and manage your rental and its tenants

  • It is clear that managing a rental property can be hard work. You must be available to your tenants in case of any problems or emergencies, as well as take care of the day-to-day landlord tasks, such as collecting rent and paying property bills.
  • If you think you could use some assistance, consider hiring a property manager.
  • Meet and interview different property managers.
  • Sign the management agreement. Decide if you want my full service coverage or basic lease only plan.
  • Trust my dependable care and protection of your rental.
Set your rent price

My rent valuation will maximize your profit and minimize vacancies

  • If you price your rental too high, your place could sit unoccupied. Too low, and you run the risk of losing money on your investment.
  • I use your competitors as a baseline, deciding how much more we can charge in rent for the extras your property offers.
  • Aside from the property itself, a home’s rent price can be increased by its neighborhood and the conveniences around it.
  • I typically collect a security deposit for each new lease (usually equal to one month’s rent)
Advertise your rental

My goal is to make your property stand out from the others

  • I write a clear rental advertisement that describes the rental property and covers price, location, length of the lease, and incentives. My marketing communicates everything a potential tenant needs to know to inform their choice.
  • I picture your ideal renter and target them in your ad.
  • My collaboration of traditional and innovative advertisements will attract your perfect tenant.
Find your ideal tenants

I do my due diligence and collect information about who will be living in your rental

  • My rental applications collect prospective tenants' contact information, rental history, credit information, references, employment history and income.
  • Like a job application, I can then review the information applicants provide to determine whether they would make suitable renters.
  • Researching a tenant is an important step that can save you from issues down the road.
  • After deciding that a candidate is a good fit, I handle all of the details, including lease agreements, tenant property inspections and handing over the keys.
Manage your tenants

Let me manage your ongoing responsibilities as a landlord

  • As a landlord, you get to make decisions about what will and will not be allowed in your rental property. I promise to uphold those standards.
  • I promptly attend to any maintenance and repairs on the property.
  • I will collect rent and distribute your earnings monthly.
Resolve issues

 I attack problems head on to preserve your rental property and prevent vacancies

  • I am on call 24/7 to quickly resolve unexpected issues.
  • My process for prompt notices collects outstanding rent payments and warns a tenant of a lease violation.
  • Not every tenant works out according to plan and there may come a time when you have to end your rental relationship. We make evictions quick and painless.


Client Success Stories


I believe in honesty and communication. This includes answering frequently asked questions to help you stay educated and informed. I invite you to review common questions from landlords to understand more about how I manage your rental property in Omaha and the surrounding areas.

How quickly will a new tenant be found to fill a vacancy?

Our marketing program and leasing services are second to none. That being said, there are many moving pieces to leasing. Asking price, local inventory levels, and even the current season are all factors in how quickly a vacancy is filled.

How will you find tenants for my property?

Your property, along with photos, will be advertised on various rental marketing directories. I guarantee my most dedicated attention to provide a timely turnaround of your vacant properties. Once a potential renter applies, I also thoroughly screen all applicants. Every adult in the household is required to apply.

What is usually looked for in tenants

All prospective tenants must comply with an extensive screening process. First, nationwide background checks are completed. This checks criminal backgrounds and the sex offender registry. After that, eviction databases are referenced. Next, I ensure they qualify financially by reviewing their credit report, verify employment, and review pay stubs and/or tax returns. I avoid overcrowding based on the number of people who will be living in the property because it can cause excessive wear and tear. Finally, I review their rental history by contacting their previous two landlords for references.

How much will my investment property lease for?

Your lease rate is going to be determined by several market factors including the condition of the property, location, time of year, and the rental rates for competing homes in the immediate area. Unfortunately, the markets that dictate lease rates vary vastly from the markets that influence value of properties. Please contact me and we can discuss this with you as it relates to your specific property.

How do property inspections work?

Regular inspections of the property are completed by the property manager when taking on the rental, midway through a lease term, and when a tenant moves out, and any other time as requested by the owner. Periodic inspections are recommended to determine preventive maintenance due and to gauge the extent of tenant damages (if any) to the property.

How often will I hear from my property manager?

Would you prefer to hear from me every time something occurs with the tenancy or would you prefer I simply handle situations with your best interests in mind? Advise me of your expectations to avoid confusion, and you can stay involved as much or little as you see fit. Also discuss your preferred method of communication - is it by email, your home phone, your mobile?

Who handles the middle of the night phone calls?

I do! I am on call 24 hours a day. Why worry you? That’s why you hired me! Most emergencies are prioritized and often can wait until the next day.

What happens if my tenant stops paying rent or causes trouble?

My rigorous tenant screening process usually prevents these types of issues; however, if a problem should arise, my clients can rest assured that I always respond promptly and appropriately. Rent is due on the first of each month and is accepted late until the third. If rent has not been paid, the eviction process begins immediately. The eviction process is started with a seven-day notice to pay or move out. Nuisance issues are handled in a similar way, with one warning given before a thirty-day notice is posted.

Do I get to approve maintenance and repairs?

Yes. All of my rental property owners are notified of all maintenance issues as they arise. If a minor maintenance issue comes up with minimum costs, I simply resolve the issue and notify you, the owner – no action required on your part. For larger issues, I typically gather multiple bids and contact you for final approval.

Priceless Experience, Transparent Fees

  • Monthly flat rate of $175
  • Finder’s fee of ½ first month’s rent
  • Reduced rates might apply to larger portfolios of 4+ houses
  • Strong relationships with contractors providing competitive rates for all repairs
  • Peace of Mind, Priceless

Want to manage yourself? I can advertise, show, screen tenants and get a lease signed for the cost of one month’s rent.

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